/whois acidvegas

My real name is REDACTED. The acidvegas handle is a pseudonymous moniker.
I am a systems administrator / software engineer & run the SuperNETs network.
My research & studies include theology, music theory, cyber security, & programming.
The world's a bitch and I manipulate it, you'll believe every word I say.

PGP: Key (ID A480870977E4E45E | Fingerprint B1A6 0E6F 01C4 3509 071C E5C8 A480 8709 77E4 E45E)

E-Mail: acid.vegas@acid.vegas

IRC: EFNet, SuperNETs

XMPP: acid.vegas@acid.vegas (OTR Fingerprint EC4EF1DA D5203A8B FE704C36 36026B75 90EA234E)