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massive collection of organized irc ascii art

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45ea8e4Cleaned up dupe files and same name asciis have been renamed.acidvegas2020-03-19 02:55780+807-34837
6e8767bUpdated with mircart packs 21-40 (unsorted)acidvegas2019-06-28 06:281173+56872-0
a696048Updated with mircart pack 20 and 21acidvegas2018-06-19 21:1360+2768-0
15db5ffUpdated with mircart pack 19acidvegas2018-06-12 14:3228+1651-0
40fe34dUpdated with mircart pack 18, spoke art, and moreacidvegas2018-06-05 03:3985+3044-1
7f06a7bUpdated with mircart pack 16, OC from spoke, cleanup and moreacidvegas2018-05-23 08:1073+2356-105
de870f5Updated with mircart pack 15 and more cleanupacidvegas2018-05-09 23:1750+868-84
d652c36Updated with mircart pack 14, more cleanup and organization, etc. pp4lacidvegas2018-04-26 18:2036+1606-78
f688ce4Updated with mircart pack 13 and more cleanupacidvegas2018-04-19 17:3142+918-200
9c396c9Updated with mircart pack 12 and more cleanupacidvegas2018-04-13 04:0347+3735-0
d5bc474Updated with mircart pack 11, cleaned up uncat, added new asciis, etcacidvegas2018-04-05 07:4451+1952-82
3f9aafbUpdated with new ascii / uncat cleanupacidvegas2018-04-03 10:0567+413-721701
4d88628added bannersacidvegas2018-03-31 17:231+10-0
17071ebAdded some uncat asciis and moreacidvegas2018-03-28 22:49360+746976-1213
f935b28added list.txtacidvegas2018-03-22 20:291+1-0
8cd2db5Renamed all asciis with the same name and added moreacidvegas2018-03-21 14:32133+398-2494
20b88a5Initial commitacidvegas2018-03-20 02:373146+293318-0